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Earn BSV for sharing things you like. Offer BSV for sharing your product or service.


Earn whenever a visitor you refer completes the following actions.

New Referral


Earn on each new qualified referral

Link Wallets


Earn for linking your wallet accounts

Complete Profile


Earn for completing your profile

First Withdrawal


Earn for creating a successful withdrawal



Earn for having an account over 30 days old

Publish a Campaign


Earn for publishing a campaign

Link Twitter


Earn for linking your Twitter account

Pixel Perfect


Create a new campaign with 5 or more image sizes, and fund it with at least $5.

Link Facebook


Earn for linking your Facebook account

Link Google


Earn for linking your Google account

Create Advertiser Profile


Create your first TonicPow advertiser profile

Get Verified


Show advertisers you mean business by completing ID verification

Create Campaign


Create a new Campaign on the TonicPow network

Bid on a Campaign


Bid on an active TonicPow campaign

Hire a Promoter


Create a contract offer for a promoter

Create a Widget


Create a new TonicPow widget

Add a Domain


Add your domain to TonicPow to start the verification process

Enable Labs


Turn on the TonicPow beta lab functionality

Twitter Retweet


Retweet any post with a link to

Twitter Post


Post a link to tonicpow on twitter.

Campaign Budget

Paid In

Payment / Click



There are no promoter requirements for this campaign.


There are no country restrictions for this campaign.

Campaign Balance


Amplify this campaign's reach by contributing to the rewards pool.


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