Earn BSV for sharing things you like. Offer BSV for sharing your product or service.


Offered By

Campaign Balance

New Referral

Earn on each new qualified referral
Payout: 0.05

Link Wallets

Earn for linking your wallet accounts
Payout: 0.03

Complete Profile

Earn for completing your profile
Payout: 0.03

First Withdrawal

Earn for creating a successful withdrawal
Payout: 0.03


Earn for having an account over 30 days old
Payout: 0.03

Publish a Campaign

Earn for publishing a campaign
Payout: 0.03

Link Twitter

Earn for linking your Twitter account
Payout: 0.03

Link Starfish

Earn for linking your Starfish account
Payout: 0.01

Pixel Perfect

Create a new campaign with 5 or more image sizes, and fund it with at least $5.
Payout: 1.00
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