We connect great products and services with undiscovered customers.

Social Monetization

Earn Bitcoin for recommending your favorite products and services. The more engagement you drive, the more Bitcoin SV you earn.

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Better Advertising

Reach real people wherever they are today. Track your campaign, and set your own payouts for clicks and conversion goals.

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Development Tools

Build applications that integrate with our products to earn a revenue share for some referrals. Even Social platforms can earn a share of referral revenue.

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How it Works

Advertisers post bounties for user engagement. Promoters earn them.

100% Free

As a promoter, TonicPow is completely free to use. TonicPow only earns money when you do.


TonicPow records everything to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. This provides unparalleled auditability and easier integration.

Widgets & Plugins

Embed offers in your website to passively earn. We also provide plugins and SDKs for popular web platforms.

Price Performance

When optimized, TonicPow delivers industry leading price performance for advertisers.

Maximum Control

Both advertisers and promoters maintain control of what is shared by who. Not the platform.

Conversion Goals

Integrate with TonicPow to tailor your campaigns. Trigger additional payouts for pre-defined conversion goals.





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Developer Tools

Integrate with TonicPow products and services.

Embed Widget

Place advertisements on your website and earn BSV.

Embed Code Generator


A powerful tool for creating custom user experiences. Build simple, or complex incentive systems based on how your app already works.



Extensions for popular web publishing platforms like Wordpress and Shopify are under development.

Coming Soon :)

Advertiser Libraries

Triggering conversion goals from your application. Node/JS, Golang



Draft specification for TonicPow's on-chain data. Much more to come.

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More on the Way!

We're hard at work to bring more tools to developers. If you have an idea for an integration, contact us.

Our Story

We empower advertisers and promoters to form organic partnerships.

TonicPow Satoshi Doodle

How we got started

Two of our founders, Attila Aros and Luke Rohenaz worked together on MAP & AIP protocols while building their own Bitcoin applications. At the same time, Luke's coworker and long time software professional Austin Rappaport was closely following the advancements in Bitcoin SV, and the steady adoption of the technology for practical purposes.

In 2019, when the first ever Bitcoin Association hackathon was announced, the three programmers joined forces to compete. Since being unveiled at the CoinGeek conference in Toronto Canada, TonicPow has attracted promoters, advertiser, and investors from around the world.

Today, we exist to humanize advertising by leveraging the unique qualities of Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin as a platform unlock some hidden opportunities we are very excited about.

If you or someone you know is a perfect fit to join us on our mission, feel free to get in touch with us. We're always looking for talented people.


Luke Rohenaz

CEO, Software Engineer

Austin Rappaport

COO, Software Engineer

Attila Aros

Development Specialist

People are saying...

Actual testimony from happy users.

“BitcoinSV is not going to make ads go away. Peer to peer advertisements via Tonic Pow are one easy way for people to onboard themselves into the Bitcoin economy.”

Satoshi Doodles Founder

“TonicPow is the smart choice for the modern marketer who understands incentives and has a cost conscious campaign to run. This new and exciting channel for visual content distribution has yielded immediate ROI for my business, and I intend to expand the budget allocation accordingly.”

Darren Eggenschwiler Founder

“TonicPow is a disruptive product that improves the online advertising industry by empowering new business models between publishers and advertisers.”

Alan Borger Founder

Advertiser Pricing

Promoters earn BSV for organic leads.



Basic customer support for small business

  • $5 campaign funding
  • Email Support
  • No Conversion Goals
  • No Product Pages
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Basic customer support for small business

  • $15 campaign funding
  • Email Support
  • 5 Conversion Goals
  • 1 Product Page
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Basic customer support for small business

  • $100 campaign funding
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Unlimited Conversion Goals
  • Unlimited Product Pages
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Press Releases

For inquiries, contact

Investment Announcement

We're happy to finally announce we have received a seed investment from prolific BSV ecosystem supporter and entreprenuer, Calvin Ayre.

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TonicPow Interview - Blockchain Radio

We sat down with Pierre Bourque with Blockchain Radio. We talk about the Bitcoin forks, TonicPow's recent investment by Calvin Ayre, and what we have in store for the future.

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Advertising in the Bitcoin Era - The Start of a New Journey

What started as an award winning project in the first ever Bitcoin Association hackathon ...

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TonicPow talks changing the advertising industry with BSV

The Bitcoin SV Virtual Hackathon has proven to be the ultimate event where some of the brightest...

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TonicPow evolves website advertising models as BSV Hackathon finalist

Three individuals, Attila Aros, Luke Rohenaz and Austin Rappaport, saw the potential for ...

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Winners announced of 1st Bitcoin SV Developers Hackathon

Toronto, Canada – Bitcoin Association, the leading global organization for Bitcoin business...

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