About TonicPow

We're building a better, Bitcoin compatible advertising model.

TonicPow is a marketplace where promoters and advertisers can connect. Anyone can be a promoter, an advertiser, or both! We use Bitcoin SV not only for payouts, but as a ledger of events. All transactions are settled on chain instantly, meaning receipts are automatic, marketing events like clicks and conversions are transparent, and transaction fees are pretty much non existent.
For advertisers, we offer tools that allow you to drive organic, high quality traffic to your sales funnel, social media profile, event registration, or any other website you like. You do this by offering campaigns and incentivising promoters with payments that could be anything from just a penny to a large percentage of a product sale.
For professional marketers or anyone with an online presence, it's a great place to build relationships with marketing partners and earn rewards for helping to drive successful campaigns.
It's also a great way to acquire your first BSV and support the ecosystem!
How it Works