Frequently asked questions

What is Bitcoin SV?
Bitcoin is, as the original whitepaper title suggests "A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System". BSV is the continuation of the original Bitcoin plan as envisioned by Satoshi when he wrote the Bitcoin Whitepaper in 2008. To learn more about Bitcoin SV, is a great resource with something for everyone.
Why does TonicPow use BSV instead of BTC, BCH, ETH or other cryptocurrency?
TonicPow's use of microtransactions would not be possible on most blockchains due to the excessive fees. BSV is fast, capable of high throughput, and high reliability. Since its aim is to simply deliver the original Bitcoin vision, it means we can depend on the protocol staying stable, allowing us to focus on our business. BSV embraces on-chain data, and has very low transaction fees. The stable protocol has another nice side effect too: extremely low probability of a network split.
If this were not reason enough, there is an amazing community within the BSV ecosystem, and a small army of eager developers who are continuing to push the boundaries from the application layer. This provides TonicPow with a constant source of supportive technology, and other development resources.
BSV aims to walk the knife's edge between privacy, and legal compliance. Both are possible on BSV, meaning we can build systems that respect the privacy of our users without being concerned about compliance at a protocol layer that is out of our control (such as with always-on anonymous blockchain systems). These reasons combine to form what we believe is the best possible choice for our promoters, advertisers, and business as a whole.
Where can I buy BSV?
There are many exchanges that allow for purchasing BSV. Here are a few of our favorite places:
Can I fund a campaign with my credit card?
Not yet, but we are working on it!
What is a payout address?
A payout address is the Bitcoin address (i.e. 1MskP2A3pku2VaohPXHa88rNoAF......), or Paymail address (, that will be used by TonicPow to pay you your earnings. There are several free Paymail providers like HandCash and MoneyButton .
Can content creation platforms earn Bitcoin too?
Yes! TonicPow in the future will automatically share revenue with any platform that includes aBitcoin Sticker meta tag referencing a valid payout address.

<meta name="bitcoin-address" content="1ZHQ..." />
Where did the embeddable widget go?
Once you're signed in, go to "My Account" from the user menu in the top right corner, and choose "Widgets" from the menu. More information can be found in this guide.
What advantages does TonicPow provide over traditional advertising methods?
Aside from dramatically lower costs for advertisers, TonicPow offers many advantages from several perspectives:
  • You can choose to pay only for the behaviors you're looking to drive, such as purchases, newsletter signups, or any actions within your app.
  • TonicPow offers highly flexible incentive based options for your application. You can do things like triggering a payout for invitations,
  • More transparency into how your advertising budget was spent.
  • Earn Bitcoin in real time with instant payouts once your account if approved.
  • Choose what products and services you're interested in promoting instead of allowing a platform to dictate this. No more inadvertently supporting companies or services your don't even like.
Website / Application Owners
  • Participate in the sharing economy and earn bitcoin for encouraging your visitors to share tonicpow links within your site or application.
  • Use our API to easily add rich Bitcoin-enabled functionality to your application. Things like rich identity management, a powerful referral system, and programmatic campaign creation all work right out of the box.
What kind of things can you build with the TonicPow API?
Lots of really cool stuff:
  • Content creation apps can give visitors the tools to promote their content.
  • Bitcoin native "kickstarter" style applications for crowd funding.
  • Complex affiliate systems that drive specific behaviors.
  • Your own short-link service.
Campaign Examples:
  • "Earn $10 for each user you refer that complete 10 orders."
  • "Earn 10% of all referred purchases."
  • "Earn .0001 BSV for each referral that completes the entire game."
  • "Earn $0.05 for each referred click through."
Having an issue contributing using MoneyButton?
If you are using an incognito browser, their payment button will not work. If you are using a normal browser and are experiencing issues, please contact support.
How does TonicPow make money?
TonicPow earns 10% of all click and conversion payouts. This is considerably less than the rates charged by traditional advertising programs such as Google Adwords.