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Promoting TonicPow Campaigns


Being a promoter on TonicPow can be an exciting ride, and will reward you handsomely if you have an audience and do a good job of selecting relevant campaigns to share with them. This guide goes over some of the things you can do to improve your earnings and overall performance.

Choosing the Right Campaigns

There are more factors than just payout rate and campaign balance to consider when selecting a campaign to share with your audience. You should always be thinking about who your audience is, and what they would appreciate.

Personal Experience

It will make a huge difference if you take the time to experience the product you intend to promote. The better you understand it, the better you are able to represent it's strengths to your audience.

Click Payout

Most campaigns provide some payout per incoming referral. This is indicated next to the click icon on the campaign card.

Bonus Payouts

Some campaigns give extra payouts that can trigger when the visitor completes specific actions within their website or app. Look for the

badge on the campaign card. These can vary from one campaign to the next so make sure to review the campaign details closely.

Campaign Balance

Make sure to review the campaign balance against the various payout rates. If your audience is large, and the balance is low, you may not be credited for clicks beyond a certain point. In the future we will make changes that minimize this possibility, but for now make sure you understand what is available for you up front. We will send notifications to advertisers when the campaign balance gets low, but it's up to them to continue refilling the balance or not.

Maximize Your Chances

If you get in the habit of using the TonicPow URL shortener, you may just end up getting paid when you least expect it! You can read more about using it in this guide.

Managing Reputation

TonicPow will track your performance and report key indicators to advertisers allowing them to hand-select promoters who are likely to deliver quality referrals for their campaigns. Maintaining a great reputation should be a priority for every promoter.

There are some important things to consider when sharing TonicPow links that could impact your reputation. The most important thing you can do is share campaigns in ways that are relevant and never annoying. Before sharing a link, you should consider if your target audience likely to:

  • be in a geographic location that is suitable for this campaign?
  • be interested in what the campaign is offering?
  • be bothered by sharing monetized links in this setting?
  • be appreciative of a Bitcoin incentive system?

One of the best tips to improve this is, make sure you always give good contextual information about what you've linked to, and disclose that these are paid ads via TonicPow however you see fit. Many people choose to do this by adding the #ad hashtag. Other methods may be more appropriate depending on the platform.

Sharing via QR Code

You can easily share campaigns in person. From your phone, navigate to the campaign page and click "Share".

Choose the "Scan" icon and you will see a QR code. Although the page displays the target url, the link will be using your short-link to make sure you are credited for the click and any conversions that might occur from the referral.

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