Using the URL Shortener

Make short links for things you share online.


The TonicPow URL shortener is an easy way to shrink the size of URLs you share on social media. This particular URL shortener offers you a possibility to earn some Bitcoin SV while doing it. This guide is an overview of the URL shortener feature. It covers how to create your first shortlink, and how the payout functionality works.

Campaign Search

Basic Usage

From the homepage, you can use the search bar to shorten URLs. The url you shorten does not need to match a campaign. You can shorten any url. There are some interesting advantages to using our URL shortener.

Imagine you find an article on a popular website and decide to use our url shortener before sharing it on social media. Any clicks to this link will not create payouts if there is no active campaign matching that target domain name.

If, however, a campaign is later created, we will associate your links with the campaign. This means any future clicks on the link you already posted will begin to generate payouts as soon as your target URL becomes eligible. You would also earn on any bonus conversions that occur from these referrals.

Browser Addon

Our browser extension can make shortening URLs even easier. Once you install and pin the browser addon, you can click it while browsing any webpage to get a tonicpow shortlink to that page. You can find it here: