How It Works

TonicPow is a promotion marketplace where brands offer rewards for driving traffic to campaigns, and more rewards when bonuses are triggered. Anyone can become an advertiser, promoter, or both! Here's a quick and easy guide on how to use the platform.
We use Bitcoin SV not only for rewards, but for keeping a transparent timeline of events.
How it Works

For Advertisers

TonicPow provides high quality traffic to a web address of your choosing. It also allows you to create incentive based advertising campaigns by creating bounties for referrals. Bonuses are paid when specific actions are completed within your app or website. Simply create a campaign, set the rewards that promoters will earn, and fund it. Promoters who like your campaign will begin to find and share it.
Track the performance of your campaigns, and integrate with our full-featured API to design more advanced incentive systems.
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For Promoters

Anyone can earn for sharing campaigns with TonicPow. Just sign up, find a campaign you like and share your links with friends, family, and followers. Depending on the campaign you will receive rewards for clicks and bonuses when conversions are completed resulting from your referrals.
If you think you can generate conversions for a well-suited campaign, negotiate payout rates directly with the advertiser right from the campaign page.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to provide great tools that allow advertisers and promoters to connect and form mutual agreements. We strive to maximize your control over who you do business with and on what terms.
For promoters we do this by allowing you to choose the brands you share with your audience.
For Advertisers we do this by providing real-time feedback on campaign performance, and allowing you to decide which promoters you want to work with.
We leverage Bitcoin SV to create exciting new rewards experiences, but it's so much more than just payments and rewards points! We use the public ledger as a data platform to improve transparency, and provide new opportunities for interoperability between Bitcoin-enabled applications.
We believe privacy matters, especially when it comes to recording data to an immutable ledger. We do not record personally identifying data, or sell this data to third parties behind the scenes. We ensure payouts and referrals cannot be tampered with by recording event data, but never at the expense of privacy.

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