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Share Buttons
Allow your visitors to earn Bitcoin

Recruit promoters with just a few lines of code!

Quick Example
TonicPow.shareButton('myButton', options)
<div class="tonicpow-widget"
Wordpress Plugin
Install it from your plugins page, or download it here.
TonicPow Wordpress Plugin
Build your incentive system in minutes.

Create a campaign, and install our Wordpress plugin.
Boom! Display ads, trigger conversions.

  • Customizable Ad Widget

    Also acts as in in-place ad store allowing your visitors to rent your spaces. Place ad widgets that earn you Bitcoin SV.

  • TonicPow.js

    Automatically enables enhanced reporting, shortlink verification, and other benefits.

  • No coding required

    You can literally have an incentive program running within minutes of reading this. Ready? Set... Go!