Campaign Contracts

Negotiate payout rates

This is for advertisers

To read about contracts from the promoter perspective, see the other guide...


Contracts are agreements between promoters and advertisers. This guide will introduce making offers to promoters, negotiating, and managing you contracts.

If you have specified "contract required" in your campaign settings, a promoter MUST have an active contract to share your campaign. If not, anyone can still share but will earn the base payout rates unless they have a contract for your campaign.

Hiring Promoters

Before hiring a promoter, you must have an advertiser profile and an active campaign. To learn more about creating a campaign, see the create campaign guide.

You can make an offer directly to a promoter from the Promoter Profile page. Click the 'Hire' button, choose an advertiser profile and the campaign to be promoted. Enter the pay per click rate you would like to offer, and select any goals you would like to specify rates for.

Once you've made an offer, you can check the status on the pending contracts section of the advertiser dashboard. You can also cancel your offer from this page as well. The promoter will now have the opportunity to either accept your offer, or counter. When the offer is finally accepted, it will appear in the active contracts section.

Incoming Bids

Just as you can make an offer, promoters can initiate a bid from your campaign page by specifying the terms for promoting your campaign. You will receive an email whenever a new bid is made, and can manage your incoming bids from the contracts section of your advertiser dashboard. You can either accept the bid, or counter it. When you finally accept a bid, it will appear on the active tab.

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