Track Campaign Performance

How to monitor your campaign statistics


So you've created a campaign, and shared it on social media to get the ball rolling. Now what?

Statistics Dashboard

The stats dashboard contains information about campaign performance.

Advertiser Profile Card

The stats section contains information about campaign activity


It's important to note, that just because you receive traffic from TonicPow does not mean you will have paid for it. When we receive traffic to campaigns that looks suspicious, or duplicative, we do not generate payouts.


The chart shows your payout activity over time. You can change the timeframe of the chart and see total clicks, conversions, satoshis earned.

Links Created

This section lists all of the shortlinks that have been created against your campaign. You can see the number of clicks, total amount earned, and user who created each shortlink.


coming soon

More stats on the way soon!


You can also read raw records directly from the blockchain and ingest them into a monitoring tool such as Grafana. One of the easiest ways to do this is using Bitbus, and scanning for the MAP key "app" to equal "tonicpow". You can also use Bitsocket to listen for TonicPow transactions in real time.


We also make rss feeds available for the campaign list. The feed can be found right here

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