Basic Website Integration

Enable advanced analytics and protect your campaign.


To take advantage of additional campaign protection, and advanced analytics features you can install tonicpow.js on the target site. This script will not be active unless a tncpw_session query parameter is found in the address bar. This means the script will be completely dormant unless you receive a visit from a TonicPow link. When a session is active, it will report some basic anonymous information such as page interaction and session duration data. We can use this information to enhance campaign statistics, giving you more tools to effectively deploy your marketing strategy.


Simply copy this code into your HTML. You can put it anywhere but we recommend placing it at the end of the <Body> tag.

Add this code to your site..

Embed Code

Once it's installed, you can click verify from the campaign details page in your dashboard to activate it. Alternatively, simply visiting the page through a TonicPow shortlink will also activate protected mode.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Campaign Analytics - The statistics page on any campaign who's target has this integration activated will see additional data such as time on page for visitors.
  • Bounce Protection - Avoids payouts when visitors bounce quickly or do not interact with the page at all. This means promoters are paid for leads, not simply clicks.
  • Auto-Update - Whenever we release new updates or enhancements you will get them immediately without needing to replace the script.


We will automatically deactivate website integration once the script is no longer active on the site. This will ensure payouts continue to flow if there is an issue with the site integration.

Share Buttons

Adding the frontend js to your website also allows you to offer your visitors rewards for sharing pages on your website. To read more about creating share buttons, see the developers guide on the topic.