Firing Conversions

Trigger rewards for completing goals

Step 1: Get the Visitor Token

When TonicPow sends you traffic, there will be a query parameter in the url you will need to trigger conversions. This tells us how to credit the correct promoter without exposing their payout address.

When a visitor completes an action on your website or application, fire an authenticated request to our API using your API_KEY. (To read about how to get an API key, refer to the Getting Started Guide)

Libraries for Go and JS Available
Visit us on github for integration tools.

Step 2: Associate token

If you're using the js library in the frontend, this is done by calling the init function with your configuration. You can find example code for doing this right here, and you can find more details on the process in the JS lib readme

Step 3: Fire conversion

To fire a conversion, you send an authenticated request (using your app's API key) to release funds related to a goal. You can read more about creating conversion goals here:right here. The API documentation also details all of the endpoints and their parameters if you want to interact with the API directly. If you are using the js package from the backend (node), you can check the examples to see exactly how it's done. If you're using our Go package, the examples can be found here.

Typically, firing a conversion involves calling a function that passes the session token along with your goal name to convert. If you created a goal that triggers a percentage based payout, you should also supply an amount parameter so we can calculate the correct payout for you.

Upon firing a conversion you will receive a response that may not yet contain a transaction ID. It will contain one if the transaction was able to broadcast immediately. We highly recommend you configure webhooks to be notified of events related to your application, such as batched transactions that have been successfully broadcast to the network for inclusion. Click through to the next section to learn how to set them up.

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