Campaign Contracts

Negotiate payout rates

This is for promoters
To read about contracts from the advertiser perspective, see the other guide...


Contracts are agreements between promoters and advertisers. This guide will introduce you to placing bids on campaigns, and managing your contracts.

Placing Bids

You can place a bid directly from the campaign page. Enter the pay per click rate you would like to request, and select any goals you would like to specify rates for.

Once you've placed a bid, you can check the status from the pending contracts page. You can also cancel your bid from this page as well. The advertiser will now have the opportunity to either accept your bid, or counter-offer.

Offers from Advertisers

Just as you can bid on a campaign, advertisers can initiate an offer for you to promote their campaign. You will receive an email whenever a new offer is made, and can manage your offers from the pending contracts page. You can either accept the offer, or counter it.

Active Contracts

When a pending contract is accepted, it will appear in the active contracts section. You can terminate an active contract any time, and so can the advertiser. If either party terminates the contract, any traffic to links from that point forward will use the base payout rates for that campaign and ignore any special pricing that was part of the contract.

Archived Contracts

When a pending contract is updated, the old version will appear on the archive tab. You can use the archive to see a chronological history of your bids.

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