Create Widgets

Display widgets on your website or blog and earn BSV.


Widgets are display boxes with specific dimensions you can place on your website to display TonicPow campaigns and earn from clicks and downline conversions. This guide will explore the various widget options, explain how they work, and give you everything you need to get starting building out your first embed widget.

Note on Ad Curation

We think curation transparency is crucial, and will strive to implement provably fair curation methods even as the service evolves in the future. Display ads are currently selected randomly based on the latest blockhash from the BSV blockchain.

Create Widget

Click your user icon in the top right, and choose 'My Account' to navigate to the dashboard.

Click "Widgets", and "Create Widget"

Choose a label (this is only seen by you), widget dimensions, and allowed domains.

Once you have a widget created, it will show on the widgets page. Click the widget you want to put on your website, and click "Copy Embed Code" to get the HTML to paste on your website or blog.

That's it! The widget will automatically show campaigns, and clicks from your site will begin producing payouts.

Coming soon...

We plan to add some exciting options to the widget configuration in the future. Stay tuned!

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